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An exclusive only to us a full outdoor operational 7 foot bar style pool table. Our outdoor coin operated tables are state of the art not converted tables but entirely built with exclusive patented extrusions and corrosion resistant materials that will make the out of doors pool playing environment just another place to play! These tables will be recommended for all commercial locations and are perfect vending machines and piggy banks for those who know the game.. We have completed several programs and prototypes and were not completely satisfied after over 3 years of testing we have the better mouse trap and it will be unveiled shortly.

The Coin Operated AWB Outdoor Pool table will soon revolutionize the outdoor pool table world We have been in the building ,testing and development stages on this for over 3 years and after viewing what's in the marketplace we believe that once again there will be no close comers to this unique pool table! We have installed new cutting and measuring equipment including CNC routers and state of the art water jet cutting machines to make the development and performance equal to or better than any coin operated table on the market today indoor or out! When we lend our talents to perfecting an extraordinary pool table that will not only play superior but be entirely waterproof we exhale a quality product and once again we have developed what every other pool table will be judged by the, Viper Series (pending name cert.). We are currently accepting orders so if you would like to be on the list place your order here, currently we have over 120 units sold but we are gearing up to complete orders within the next 30-60 days.. No obligation to get on the list.

This is a no obligation information form but when production begins we will take the orders in the order of reciept you will not be held to orders or quanities, this will just give us a timing arena, plus when we have the literature is completed you will be the first to receive it plus you will be updated on times and dates..




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Outdoor Pool Table By All Weather Billiards


We're the manufacturers of high quality all weather outdoor billiards and pool tables for use both indoor and out with outdoor acceptance of any weather condition now! play pool outside and have the extreme elements not affect your outdoor pool table by all weather billiards lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. Outdoor Pool tables when you think outdoor pool tables call us All weather Billiards.



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