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Know the Pool Table / Care and Maintenance


Color: Powder Coated Tough Mark

Your All weather Outdoor Pool Table Is finished with the latest in electrostatic low voc chemical resistant baked on powder coat. This finish is used in outdoor furnishing and where extreme weather is a factor.


Your All Weather Outdoor Pool Table is covered with the finest warranted outdoor fabric available today made by the leader in outdoor fabrics Glen Raven Mills producer of “Sunbrella” outdoor fabric. This fabric is built to resist the outdoor elements.

Imported Slate:

Your All Weather Outdoor Pool Table uses only quality imported slate, we are the direct importer and our slate is processed to our rigid specifications and dimensional design.

Construction Materials:

Your All Weather Outdoor Pool Table is constructed with the finest in corrosion resistant grade ALUMINUM used primarily in marine and aircraft applications giving years of defect free service.

Care and maintenance:

Cleaning the finish and the fabric can be done with a mild solution of soap and water simply by using a soft bristle brush scrubbing the entire surfaces and hosing off the entire table allowing it to dry and resume play with a fresh new look.

Where direct water spray can not be used such as in a covered or housed environment try the same process using soft towels to dry you table including the felt allow to fully dry and resume play.

The pockets can be lightly sprayed with UV protection such as Armor All  or similar and dried to the touch. This should extend the life and prevent damaging UV rays from discoloring the upper areas of the pockets.

Play equipment (balls, cues, chalk etc.) should be kept out of the elements when not in use this will prevent the elements from damaging the delicate leather tips and prevent discoloration of the balls.

Remember that UV rays of the sun are damaging to all products and we have developed our products to give you the absolute finest quality available.


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Outdoor Pool Table By All Weather Billiards


We're the manufacturers of high quality all weather outdoor billiards and pool tables for use both indoor and out with outdoor acceptance of any weather condition now! play pool outside and have the extreme elements not affect your outdoor pool table by all weather billiards lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. Outdoor Pool tables when you think outdoor pool tables call us All weather Billiards.



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